Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Maintaining Motivation

How do you stay motivated with 'working out'? I've never been especially naturally inclined to exercise - but the further away from my teenage years that I get I notice more and more the importance of it. When I do get myself to be active I sleep better, have more balanced emotions, and feel better all the way around - but getting out of bed in the morning is hard! (and I hate the idea of working all day and then going to the gym). I had really gotten into a good routine but I just got over a weekend that included a wine and cheese filled farewell party for a friend, my birthday, and a visit from my family. 

A friend of mine mentioned that you should redefine 'working out' - since it has the word work in it, it implies that it's a job. I'm starting to think of it as 'being well' (but that sounds like a Walgreens commercial). How do you keep yourself to stay on track without it feeling like a chore? It's not about losing weight or looking good - I just want to feel good and be good to myself!

Also, check out Design Love Fest's column - this has been really inspiring and helpful to keep myself going. 

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