Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Quick Hello

How's life these days? For me it seems to be moving (too?) quickly - in the last week I've had a lot of changes (mostly good) happen which is taking some readjustment on my part. Airing on the side of honesty, I've never been one to accept change easily, especially if I was leaving behind something I really enjoyed; but I'm learning that most change is good and leads to some amazing adventures!

In other news, Sarah & I are making some small but seemingly big changes around the house - her room is currently under the process of being painted and bedding has been purchased. We're looking for some super easy, low maintenance, but beautiful house plants to help liven up the space....any recommendations?

image via: here

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Maintaining Motivation

How do you stay motivated with 'working out'? I've never been especially naturally inclined to exercise - but the further away from my teenage years that I get I notice more and more the importance of it. When I do get myself to be active I sleep better, have more balanced emotions, and feel better all the way around - but getting out of bed in the morning is hard! (and I hate the idea of working all day and then going to the gym). I had really gotten into a good routine but I just got over a weekend that included a wine and cheese filled farewell party for a friend, my birthday, and a visit from my family. 

A friend of mine mentioned that you should redefine 'working out' - since it has the word work in it, it implies that it's a job. I'm starting to think of it as 'being well' (but that sounds like a Walgreens commercial). How do you keep yourself to stay on track without it feeling like a chore? It's not about losing weight or looking good - I just want to feel good and be good to myself!

Also, check out Design Love Fest's column - this has been really inspiring and helpful to keep myself going.