Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Around the House: Kitchen

After spending the earlier years of my college experience hopping from rental to rental, I've had the pleasure of finally settling into a more constant home. While it's still a rental I've called it home for over two years and have had the joy of making it my own - espicially by filling it with the things I love. Here are my favorite kitchen items that make life a little bit more beautiful and simple. 

1. Vegetable brush: This brush is handmade in Sweden with natural fibers; it's perfect for getting the dirt and other non-appetizing things off of vegetables without removing the nutrients from peeling. 

2. Marble board: My first marble board was actually a large tile sample from work; it was perfect. While I love my salvaged slab, the hex shaped boards from CB2 keep it modern and fun. 

3. Counter Canisters: Having your 'go to' items accessibly placed on the counter can be a huge time saver, and I like that these are clean, simple, and have a label so that kids or kitchen guests know what's what. 

4. Paper Straws: While somewhat unnecessary, it's always nice to have those small items that you can pull out to spruce up drinks when you have friends over. They're perfect for drinks on the patio, kids parties, or for a casual dinner for two. 

5. Kitchen Hand Soap: Kitchens are filled with a multitude of scents throughout the day and while it's easy to throw and extra bottle of bathroom soap next to the sink, having a soap that is made for kitchens helps mask scents but pairing well with savory, herby, and other smells that occur from cooking. Plus, many kitchen soaps are made to me extra moisturizing. I love anything with lemon or sage. 

6. Swedish Dish Cloths: I used paper towels, quick rags, and more for a long time in the kitchen - I figured it was all the same. Wrong. These swedish dish cloths are nearly indestructible, have a soft hand, and can be washed in the washer and dryer. Plus they come in tons of pretty patterns!