Tuesday, April 22, 2014

carpet tile: a love story

Let's talk about carpet, shall we? I seem to have a little bit of a love / hate relationship with it. It feels great and cozy and all things homey....but {there's always a but}, it's hard to maintain, keep stain free, and is a beast to replace. But fret no more! FLOR, a carpet tile company, has seemingly been sent to us from the interior design gods. While carpet tile has been around for a while, it's just starting to be used more in residential homes, and with the amazing collections out there, it's no wonder why. 

Why is carpet tile your best friend? I'm glad you asked. Since they come in tiles, once laid the create unique, one of a kind, statement flooring in your home. Best of all? They can be replaced individually should any harm come to them. Super easy maintenance. 

Doesn't this dog look happy? That's how I'm assuming everyone feels when they finally find their carpet soul mate. 

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