Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Black Like My Soul

My mom is redesigning the majority of her home - and while still in the beginning phases - has been coming to me with ideas for finishes, furniture, and the like. The other day she approached me with a desire to paint our living room wall black. BLACK. At first I was like "OMG NO! It will be a cave. It will look like we have no souls." but then I thought "Actually...that's kind of badass" right? Needless to say, thanks to my mother, I'm on a black wall kick. 

Sure a black nursery sounds kind of sinister and demonic but in actuality it's amazing. It's gender neutral and your kid will most likely grow up to wear leather jackets and say things like "hey, baby". Pretty much they'll be Uncle Jesse. 
This living room proves that black walls aren't goth. It's classic, filled with light, and feels quite inviting. 
Black. Wood. Cool windows. If you're hip you'll love this kitchen. If you're not hip then you'll still like this kitchen. 

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