Tuesday, March 18, 2014

go-to accessories

Just a few days ago I mentioned the importance of details. That especially transfers over into my everyday style. So often I get dressed to go to class and feel that my look is lacking something, so I've made a list of some of my go-to accessories that elevate everyday outfits. 

1. dainty rings : while at first I was unsure of how multiple rings would feel, dainty rings are lightweight and gorgeous! They add some texture and shine to create some more interest. 

2. hat : whether it's a knit beanie or my favorite baseball hat, I always like having a great hat that can turn a bad hair day into a great one. 

3. a beautifully tied scarf : I don't know about you, but much of my life revolves around the art of scarf tying. After years of admiring the gorgeously layered scarves all over pinterest, I've learned the importance of an effortless scarf. 

4. manicures : perfectly polished nails take any outfit to the next level. whether you get them done professionally or not, making sure you keep a well manicured hand {i.e. no chipping polish, hangnails, etc} is a must!

5. confidence : okay so this one sounds a little 'love yourself' but it's so true! Confidence makes any outfit look effortlessly beautiful. 

image via Cup of Jo

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