Tuesday, March 25, 2014

brick walls

Whether you choose exposed brick walls for the place you live or not, they can be a little difficult to design around. They imply an unfinished, rustic, and industrial quality, but they can be transformed into amazing architectural features and incorporated into almost any design style. 

Go with the inherent rustic nature of the brick. Use vintage 'gently used' pieces to make the space look worn. Concrete floors can be stained to add warmth.  

Create some contrast with pops of bright bold color in your accents. 

Femme it up by giving it a fresh coat of white paint and detailing with light woods and pastel tones. Add some shine through warm metals. 

Modernize. Use sleek, simple, and modern furniture and accessories to create a more minimal space. Painting your trim white can brighten up the space and bring attention to windows. 

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