Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Friday + Resolutions

For me, resolutions shouldn't be self deprecating. At the end of a year I don't want to think "wow, I am terrible all the way around" - I simply want to make goals for myself that I'm happier. Starting with 'be healthier' : life gets so busy that sometimes I forget that to be my best self my body needs to be there with it; while I hate exercising, I want to simply be more 'active', in whatever fun ways I can. 'Drink more water' : simple. I can do that. Especially with my lovely bkr. 'Be kind to all' : I'm by no means 'mean' to anyone, but I find that the older I get, the bigger city I live in, and so on I become more easily frustrated with people. Rather than making rash judgments about others or situations, I want to approach everyone with kindness and understanding. 'Take a minute...or two' : very similar to the last one, take a moment to just breath. So often we are surrounded by others, and if not others, ourselves {technology, anyone?}. Being continuously stimulated can make life feel weird, so I want to make sure that I take time out of my day to just be alone. 'Budget time and money' : Being in college is hard, between balancing school and friends, errands and money and everything else! This year I really want to focus on being mature about my spending habits and thoughtful of how to break up my time. 

Hoping you all a wonderful New Year and {hopefully} warmer weekend!

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