Thursday, January 30, 2014

happy friday + new tradition

Can you believe it's already Friday?! I can't, what with canceled classes Monday and part of Tuesday, my week was quite short. Sarah and are I taking a quick trip home this weekend due to last weekend's poor weather - but before we go we're starting a new tradition. "Try-day Friday" - a day every week where we spend part of the day trying new things (either restaurants, museums, or actives) in Minneapolis / Saint Paul. While we've lived here for almost three years, there are still so many things we have yet to experience, so today we're grabbing brunch at a new spot before leaving town. 

Want to know where we're going? Come back Monday! Or check my instagram for a very likely photo sneak peek. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Patterns That Are Making Me Wish for Summer

Being from the Midwest I've been trained to love or at least enjoy the winter weather. But sometimes, I yearn for more than a few mere months of warm sultry weather. These patterns have been making me excited for just a glimpse of sunshine. 

patterns via :: here, here, here

Monday, January 27, 2014

Saturday Brunch : Mini Waffle Donuts

After bad weather canceled weekend travel plans, Sarah and I decided to spend Saturday morning brunching. Since we had recently acquired a waffle iron, we whipped up this light batter just to find out that our iron was broken. Luckily, we had a mini donut maker stowed away and used the batter to make mini waffle donuts! I was pleasantly surprised with the result, they were light, fluffy, and an extremely cute twist to the tradition brunch staple. 
The entire spread included: french pressed coffee, orange juice, fried eggs, sugared donut holes, and a breakfast quinoa. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

{EAT MINNEAPOLIS} The Bad Waitress

I'm going on three years of living in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul area and couldn't be happier. There are a lot of things about these twin cities that I adore, and one of them is the food scene. On this extremely cold day, I thought I share one of my favorite places for a warm comforting breakfast or lunch. The Bad Waitress is located near downtown Minneapolis on 'Eat Street' and is one of my favorite places to take friends when they come into town. 

The interior is an eclectic mix of vintage, sic fi and mid century modern with the most amazing leather tufted booths. Also, the garage style windows open up in the summer for a really great afternoon lunch spot. Just make sure you know the quirks of ordering when you go....{hint: once you're seated don't expect the waitress to come take your order; rather fill out the order pad on your table and give it to the front counter}

Did I mention the food is amazing?! The breakfast menu is to die for, filled with stuffed french toast {pictured below}, seasonal pancakes, and some of the best lattes in the city. If you're looking for a classic lunch with a good selection of beer look no further, my favorite? The three cheese grilled cheese {add bacon}. And to top it off? All the food is organic and locally grown. 

Bad Waitress is located on : 
2 E. 26th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404

top and bottom photos via my instagram // others by Bad Waitress

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gorgeous Sea Caves

Looking for a stunning winter day trip? The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore has opened the beautiful sea caves of Lake Superior, nicknamed 'Fairyland of Needle-like Icicles', for the first time in five years. Although a spokesperson for the National Park Services said weather condition changes could close the caves again by Saturday, they are hopeful that they will stay open for up to six weeks. 

If you're in the Bayfield, WI area or feel like taking a small road trip (only 1 hour and a half from Duluth, MN) you should definitely check out this natural beauty!

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Beautiful Smoke Alarm?

Nest, the makers of the arguable most beautiful and easy-to-use thermostat, recently released the next best thing in home safety : their version of a combined smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector that is both beautiful and user friendly. With more and more cities adopting building codes that call for sprinkler systems in newly built residential developments, the push for more aesthetically appealing safety features has been more prominent. 

Nest's design has more than looks going for it, rather than the incessant 'beep' of other alarms, this design is connected with your smart phone, sending you message alerts when it's time to change the batteries. Burnt a piece of toast? Set down that old dish rag you're waving. Simply wave your hand at the device to let it know everything is fine. Wondering what happens if there's an emergency while you're sitting on a beach somewhere? Nest has you covered, sending you emergency updates and notices while you're away. 

photos via designmilk

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Friday + Missing Vacation

This time next Friday I'll be hopefully only shin deep in school work, and while I'm looking forward to reconnecting with friends, learning and the such it will be a little bittersweet leaving behind the laid back days of winter break. However it will be short lived seeing as I'll be spending next weekend making a six hour total round trip for my grandmother's 99th birthday, which alone is simply an amazing thing to experience! Wishing you all a weekend filled with good food, laughter, and friends!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Up-cycled Lamp

The drive to be more sustainable is practically everywhere, but sometimes the end product can look obviously like an attempt to be 'green'. This new lighting fixture, LAMPSLAMP, by Russian designers Anna Strupinskaya and Alexey Ivashkevich uses old, burned out halogen bulbs to create a unique and flexible pendant lamp that is sustainable while also visually stunning, creating a wonderfully translucent violet light effect. Wouldn't these look awesome in a kids room?

Photos by fotohaus

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Weekend In Short - What Winter Looks Like

As my winter vacation is coming to an end, I'm taking full advantage of the few moments of downtime I have. This past weekend, while visiting my grandmother, I was captured by the the vintage display on her bedside table {and fought the urge to sneak away with that clock}. If you looked at instagram at all, you'll know we witnessed quite  a down pouring of snow, which compared to the -40 temps last week was a simply amazing change of pace. The warmer weather meant trying to get back into cross country skiing, followed by lazy catalogue reading and my favorite green smoothie {recipe to come later}. 

Have a wonderful and restful week!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Friday + Resolutions

For me, resolutions shouldn't be self deprecating. At the end of a year I don't want to think "wow, I am terrible all the way around" - I simply want to make goals for myself that I'm happier. Starting with 'be healthier' : life gets so busy that sometimes I forget that to be my best self my body needs to be there with it; while I hate exercising, I want to simply be more 'active', in whatever fun ways I can. 'Drink more water' : simple. I can do that. Especially with my lovely bkr. 'Be kind to all' : I'm by no means 'mean' to anyone, but I find that the older I get, the bigger city I live in, and so on I become more easily frustrated with people. Rather than making rash judgments about others or situations, I want to approach everyone with kindness and understanding. 'Take a minute...or two' : very similar to the last one, take a moment to just breath. So often we are surrounded by others, and if not others, ourselves {technology, anyone?}. Being continuously stimulated can make life feel weird, so I want to make sure that I take time out of my day to just be alone. 'Budget time and money' : Being in college is hard, between balancing school and friends, errands and money and everything else! This year I really want to focus on being mature about my spending habits and thoughtful of how to break up my time. 

Hoping you all a wonderful New Year and {hopefully} warmer weekend!