Monday, September 30, 2013

The Weekend in Short - Apple A Day

Hello hello! How was your weekend {and past two weeks...}? I guess it's been a while since I've posted, but fret not, I'm back after a very busy {and semi-lazy} few weeks. Over the weekend Sarah and I headed home for a quick weekend trip. A mixture of rainy day shopping, family game night, and apple orchard outings made for an absolutely perfect fall weekend! It made me so sad to drive back yesterday and leave all that autumnal fun behind. But the start of a new week is here and I have a feeling it's going to fly by! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Fondness

Happy weekend all!! My parents are visiting for the weekend and eating at an awesome seafood place by the falls {granted the weather is good}. Here five fun links for your weekend!

A gorgeous engagement ring - or just one for fun

The workout I swear by {It's only 7 minutes}

This sweater would be great for fall, and it's 25% off!!

A beautiful poem about what you deserve!

Photo via :: michaelgraydon

Monday, September 9, 2013

Uniforms Universally

Did you ever have to wear a school uniform? Luckily I escaped that fashion prison, but I find it so interesting to see the variations in school uniforms across the world and through time. The New Yorker came out with a series of uniform photos recently and fell in love with these little yellow umbrellas! 

Kyoto, Japan, 1977. Photograph by Thomas Hoepker/Magnum 

 England, 1991 Photograph by Peter Marlow/Magnum
The Golden Temple, Kyoto, Japan 1993. Photograph by Martin Parr/Magnum 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Do You Say 'Goodbye'?

The end of summer always brings with it an end to many great things. Having to say goodbye {momentarily} to loved ones, leaving the luxury of warmth and leisure, and most importantly, trading all of that for something completely new. 

It's intimidating! Saying goodbye to people, experiences, places, even things can be so hard! Change is so immensely difficult for us; we like consistency and tradition. But sometimes change is good - most of the time it is - but it is hard to see that in a moment of sadness. I was watching "The Prince and Me" last night {ever seen it?}. It's a chick flick about falling in love, but there is a very poignant speech that I think really encapsulates change and saying goodbye: 

“Today marks a profound and bittersweet milestone for all of us, as we bear witness to both an end and a beginning. And while we must continue on, we must also be grateful to have been blessed with someone who has so ably guided us to where we are today. When there has been so much love and happiness for someone, it is natural to be reluctant to close such a wonderful chapter in our lives, for moving forward is rarely accomplished without considerable grief and sadness. And while our sorrow may be profound, the clouds will clear, and the sun will shine on us again. And in that warm, bright light we will find ourselves facing a glorious future. A future of exciting challenges and infinite possibilities, in which the horizon will stretch out before us, trimmed in the heavenly glow of the sunrise of our tomorrow.”

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Weekend In Short - Summer's End

Starting today summer was over. The finality is so bitter sweet - the end of a wonderful time of year filled with leisure and the new beginning that every school year's start brings. This past summer really did seem to fly past me though, it feels like I've barely had a break at all, and the time I spent with friends and family didn't last nearly as long as I would have liked. It was especially difficult this year to say goodbye to friends, some moving across country to New York, and some simply staying in Eau Claire, but I've learned that change is vital, and it almost always is for the better. Wishing you all a great 'second new year' and the happiest of weeks!