Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Favorite Things - School Essentials

Ever since I was little the end of summer meant back to school, with all the buzz of school supplies shopping, finding a first day outfit, and seeing all my school friends again. Well it seems that over 20 years it hasn't changed at all, going back to college has the same anticipation that first grade held. But this year, and the past recent years, my back to school uniform has evolved into a more sophisticate but still playful look. Here's part one : the essentials. 

1. A sleek pair of sunglasses - business in the front, party on the sides. 

2. Heels are fabulous, but walking around all day requires something more practical. Luckily, these flats wont make you sacrifice looking great. 

3. The holy grail of any wardrobe. The classic trench. You'll wear it forever. 

4. Dangling necklaces, chunky bangles, and fingers full of rings can get in the way, so a statement pair of earrings takes any look to the next level. 

5. You definitely want to be on time, or fashionably late. Either way, a classic watch with a modern twist will keep you on the time you want. 

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