Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Giant Mechanical Man

If you're not already obsessed with Chris Messina, The Giant Mechanical Man is sure to spur your interests. The buzz about the film started quite a few months ago...but like always, I'm a little behind the times and just yesterday amongst a rain storm did I decide to hunker down and finally watch it. The movie is touching, creative, and so realistic that you can't help falling in love with every moment. Tim Tucker {Chris Messina}, a street performer, and Janice {Jenna Fischer} are both thirty-somethings who like most of us, are still trying to figure out everything out. I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed watching a movie as much as I did this one in a very long time. A beautiful film about finding love, figuring out life, and the magic of just one person. 

photos via rottentomatoes

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