Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fondness: Dip Dye Furniture

Sure, it's a bit of a fad, but it's a pretty one to get on board with. Dip dye furniture {or color blocked} is a super easy way to individualize, refine, and give some extra style to any piece of furniture. In my personal opinion it looks best when done on smaller framed pieces, so dining chairs, legs of tables, stools, etc {anything that isn't super clunky and block-like already} 

This photo is a great example of three chairs that have interpreted the fad in three ways. With upholstered furniture, just paint the wooden legs at the bottom a subtle color so as to give it the right 'weightiness' something too bold could make it look unbalanced. With the chair, both are are visually light enough to pull of bold colors. Notice though that when the majority of the chair is painted they stuck to a lighter more subtle hue - and the chair with just a segment of the legs painted has a really vibrant yellow. This is perfect example of balancing the visual weight with color and space. 

And if you want a SUPER easy project, just spray paint some wooden stumps and call it art / furniture.

photos via here, here, and here 

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