Thursday, May 30, 2013

She's Back...Bridget Jones, That Is

After 14 years, who would have ever expected alcohol swilling, cigarette puffing, and extremely disheveled Bridget Jones would return to us? Well she's back for the third installment of the Bridget Jones series, which is currently in pre-production. The biggest question is who is her 'boy of interest' this time, as she is a now married lady. We can assume she hasn't changed one bit! 

It looks like this time there may be a baby on board, judging from the title "Bridget Jones Baby" - I'm a little excited to see how this baby's going to turn out....and what Bridget is like as a mother! 

Whether you like her or not, she's a pretty good representation of what most of us do in a state of delusional desperation. Who hasn't had a huge lip-syncing session with a hair brush and full glass of scotch? We've all had the debate with ourselves whether to go with the 'sucker inners' or the good panties on a hot date. And the worst, when you've gone from no men, to TWO men vying for your attention...well then, that's when you wish you were still at home drunk on the couch. 

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