Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Fondness - J.Crew Swim Sale

Today finally felt like summer! After days and days of cold dreary and rainy weather, the sun came out and brought a nice warm breeze with it. But the thing I'm really excited about? The J.Crew Swim Sale! This weekend they're offering an extra 30% of all swim styles. I've been eyeing up this cute one piece and a breezy tunic for a cover up. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grumpy Cat - The Movie?

Have you heard? Our favorite feline, Miss Tardar {Tard} Sauce is getting her biggest break yet - hollywood movie sensation. According to the L.A. Times, Open Road Productions has optioned the rights for a Grumpy Cat inspired film. It seems from rumors that movie will be slightly based off of the 2004 'Garfield' movie - which featured a talking cat, only this time the dialogue will be even more evil and of course...grumpy. 

image via TIME

Behind the Scenes

I always thought the best part about watching a movie, was that to you, it was real. To me I didn't know what went on behind the scenes, so what was happening on the big screen in front of me seemed to just magically appear in all it's perfectly lit glory. I thought that seeing what goes on behind the camera would ruin my idealized and naive take on movies, but it turns out, it's just as fun to see what's not on camera as what is. Check out these awesome stills taken from behind the scenes of Django Unchained, Jaws, Titanic, and of course, Star Wars. 

images via photomag

She's Back...Bridget Jones, That Is

After 14 years, who would have ever expected alcohol swilling, cigarette puffing, and extremely disheveled Bridget Jones would return to us? Well she's back for the third installment of the Bridget Jones series, which is currently in pre-production. The biggest question is who is her 'boy of interest' this time, as she is a now married lady. We can assume she hasn't changed one bit! 

It looks like this time there may be a baby on board, judging from the title "Bridget Jones Baby" - I'm a little excited to see how this baby's going to turn out....and what Bridget is like as a mother! 

Whether you like her or not, she's a pretty good representation of what most of us do in a state of delusional desperation. Who hasn't had a huge lip-syncing session with a hair brush and full glass of scotch? We've all had the debate with ourselves whether to go with the 'sucker inners' or the good panties on a hot date. And the worst, when you've gone from no men, to TWO men vying for your attention...well then, that's when you wish you were still at home drunk on the couch. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Arrested Development

Have you all been watching the new season about Arrested Development?! I'd never seen it when it originally aired - so now I'm starting from the beginning and I've fallen in love with it! I'm a huge fan of whitty, odd humor {plus I adore Jason Bateman!}. 

The new season is now on Netflix. Check it out! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Under the Stars

In Minneapolis there are too many city lights to be able to see any stars. While I've never been camping, I always enjoy getting together with friends when I'm home to have bonfires under the starry night sky. There's something so magical about sitting around a warm glowing fire with a sun setting and the glints of stars peeking out from a dark sky. 

image via pinterest 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Weekend(s) In Short - Finale and Welcome

Geez, it's been quite a while since I've last updated you all recently, hasn't it? Well I'll make no excuses and just fill you in on all the happenings around here! I finished finals week of school with a plethora of exams, papers, and of course the dread portfolio review (which I just found out I passed yesterday!). On top of all that there was this thing called 'moving out' that took place, and luckily enough for me I didn't really do any of it (thanks, Sarah and Dad!). 

Now that I'm home it's been really an amazing feeling. Just being able to spend time sitting around a bonfire with gooey s'mores and cold drinks with my friends and family has been awesome! We also managed to do a little gardening to brighten up these rainy days around here! Hoping your start to summer is going as beautifully as mine! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Countdown To Summer

A week from today I'll be sitting pretty on my patio in Eau Claire! Let's hope the sun decides to come out of hiding so that I can bask in the pure glory of this semester being over. While I do always enjoy the fairytale quality of crystaly and pristine winters, they are mighty cold and this year was a doozy! So I'm ready for a little heat, some sun, and even a little sweat (with a lemonade in hand of course and freshly painted toenails popping out of sandals). I'm looking forward to the budding of wild flowers, summer sunsets and of course freshly picked berries! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fondness - Getting Your Groove Back

Me oh my! I have been quite lackadaisical about posting, haven't I? Not to make excuses but it's been pretty busy up in here with the semester's end right around the corner. But I'm back and groovier than ever! Alright warning: it's about to get a little personal (just a bit). After going through somewhat of a 'blah' phase of just not feeling quite like my shiny self, I've come out bubblier than ever! Oh what just a few weeks (or days) can do to make you feel a bit more on top! 

Even though there's snow her {YES, in MAY!} I'm thrilled that my parents are visiting for the day tomorrow and can spend some much needed time doing nothing but shopping, eating, and of course relaxing! Have a fabulous weekend!

image via tumblr.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hey, Babe...

In the upcoming hot months of summer, I usually tend to slip back into a very simple, light, and classic form of dressing. As much as I love my layers of cardigans, scarves, boots and more, it's too hot and muggy in the summer to bother with such nonsense. I recently fell across this gorgeous brand, Babe New York who has simple silhouettes, light fabrics, and beautiful stilling. I could wear that little striped and collared dress above everyday of my life.