Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three Easy Snacks

Some days, especially if it's cold and blustery, I come home and find I have no ambition to make a marvelous meal that takes three hours to prepare; so I usually opt for my favorite go-to snacks {which are so filling they often turn into meals}. You may wince at this one...most people I know do, but an egg in a basket is so delicious! Cut a hold in a piece of bread, butter it, and toast it on a griddle. Crack and egg right into the hole you made and let cook - it makes a great breakfast on the go!

Crepes are some of the most tasty and easy to make things I know of. Any recipe will do, it's pretty hard to mess them up. With only a few ingredients {that you pretty much always have on hand} and a smothering of Nutella, these french wonders make great bedtime snacks. 

Last but not least, ahh yes, the cheese plate! I am from Wisconsin so it would be wrong if I didn't throw a little dairy in here :) I love making up a cheese plate, especially in late summer, when you can add crisp apple slices, grapes, strawberries and blackberries. The more flavors the merrier! 

What are your go-to snacks?

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