Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is 2013 The Year of Chia?

Last year seemed to be the year of kale. It was everywhere - kale salads, kale chips, kale smoothies - if you had a craving there was sure to be a snack that was kale based. This year however it seems everyone has jumped on the chia seed bandwagon. Much like flax seed, chia is high in omega 3 and has even more fiber - but better yet? - chia seeds don't expire and rot. You may have heard 'chia' before, but it wasn't concerning dietary needs, it was the main component of the ever hilarious gag-gift 'Chia Pets'. Dietitians are saying this little seed is quite the super food, and makes quite the edition to any diet.  It's said to help aid weight loss due to the fact that it expands during digestion. But beware, too much chia seed can lead to an 'overdose' of fiber if you will, which can lead to some unpleasant side effects. It's pretty simple though, add it to, well, anything! Oatmeal, pudding, smoothies...the list goes on and on.

Will you be jumping on this year's dietary fad?

images via ohsheglows and thedivadish

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