Thursday, March 7, 2013

Would You Share A Bedroom As An Adult?

I've been busy searching for houses to rent for next year with Sarah and our room-mate, but we've noticed a lot of them are 2 bedrooms which leads to the question 'do we really want to share a bedroom?'. 

Sarah and I shared a bedroom until we were six years old, and just recently shared a dorm room last year, but after having the privacy and independence of our own rooms for most of our lives and especially this year we're debating how going back to such a seemingly childish set up would go. But being on a college budget can make it difficult to find a good home that's safe, in good shape, and has every quality you're looking for. 

The New York Times recently wrote an article about siblings rooming together in New York. Sarah and I have gotten the question a lot, "You live with your twin?"....our answer..."of course!". Sharing an apartment, even bedroom, is easy when it's with a family member. You're routines are similar, in sync, and it's easier to get over disagreements. 

Would you share a bedroom as an adult? Or is it just plain weird to share such a private space?

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