Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Fondness - Coffee Date

When Sarah and I were in high school we had a standing coffee date everyday after school. It was a time to catch up on homework, gossip, and relax - now that our schedules are different we try to make coffee dates once in a while to just chit-chat and sip on mochas. We have a new favorite coffee shop and I'm taking Alex there this weekend. 

What do you think about coffee dates? I think they're perfect for casual first dates and are a staple for you and your girlfriends. 

image via sundayinbed 

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  1. I loooove coffee shops! That's so cute you and Sarah would have dates after school. My sister and I are almost 2 years apart, so we never met up enough in college. Now we realize we missed out! BUT, one time I had to intercept a date gone bad (in a sadly boring way) for her. She's so ridiculous when it comes to things like that. :)

    Coffee shops and shopping are two of the few things I don't mind doing alone.