Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Do You Make Goals?

Every new year brings resolutions and 'goals' - but like the rest of the world I just make them to make myself feel good about being optimistic, and five days later I've already fallen off the wagon and eaten an entire carton of cookies. But what about 'life goals'?

Plenty of little kids have big dreams and goals for when they're adults, plenty of people make bucket lists - we all make little goals everyday : buy all healthy food at the market, make the bed, drink more water...and the list goes on and on. Life goals are different though - they're something to aspire to, to look forward to, they are things we can hope and dream about in the darkest of times. So I re-visited my own goals and asked Sarah and my mom about theirs.

I said that I want to be a successful freelance interior designer, learn to play the steel drums, ballroom dance, become a good sewer {I'd love to be able to design and construct my own clothing}. 

Sarah: Sarah said that she wants to be a water colorist {or at least paint on a regular basis}, have a 'fun' article published in an internationally known magazine, become a 'seasoned' baker - or in her words "make really different and interesting stuff". 

Kathy: My lovely mother, a first grade teacher said she wants to retire with benefits {that's a lofty one these days ;)}, learn to paint, start a blog, and become a mentor for kids. 

What are some of your goals?

photo via hemingwaycool

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