Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 Reasons To Love Bar Carts

For a long time I always thought of bar carts being in homes of elegant and sophisticated people, with amazingly curated collections of liquors; but as I start to seriously look at more permanent living conditions I find more reasons to love bar carts. 

1. Most bar carts are on wheels, which means they can be moved quickly, easily, and quietly. 

2. They're not just for booze, use it for storage. My grandmother uses hers to keep her cleaning supplies organized. 

3. They make great book shelves! Style a few of your favorite books and magazines to have on hand. 

4. In need of a nightstand, side table, or small shelving unit? Check! A bar cart adds character, variety, and makes for a super transitional table. 

5. They're great for kids! WHAT?! you say? A bar cart for kids? How dare thee? Well yes, a bar cart filled with booze isn't the best idea, but if it's filled with toys, books, and stuffed animals this wheeled contraption is great for busy kids on the go. 

6. The best TV stand ever. Period. If you like to be able to enjoy your media in multiple rooms use this as a media cart - prop a small to medium sized TV on the top with all its gadgets, devices, and wires below - bada bing bada boom, roll that puppy right on over to your sofa. 

7. Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer? A crafter? An artist? A designer? I find that I have a lot of stuff that I require when I work on projects, and it's hard to find a way to transport it to different rooms. Having a bar cart is an easy way to pile everything up, organize, and transfer from rooms. 

8. Perfect for entertaining. Need some extra space for snacks, drinks, or a present table? Use this little guy. Once you're done using it you can quickly store it away. 

9. Extra work space and storage in the kitchen. A lot of small apartments and homes don't have a lot of kitchen storage space. If you have a pantry, remove some of the bottom shelves and hide the bar cart in there. When you need it for extra work space just pull it out. 

10. They make great conversation pieces. No matter what you use it for, bar carts always have a lot of character. You can find a lot of amazing ones at thrift shops, garage sales, and more. 

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