Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's Your Favorite Valentine's Date?

 Valentine's Day always seems so romantic, even if you're not doing something special, I always feel little bit more lovey-dovey. Since Alex and I live in different cities we haven't spent the last two Valentine's Days together, but we have had some pretty good ones in the past. For our first Valentine's day Alex took me skiing {which I was very opposed to, but ended up loving}. Our second Valentine's day was our senior year, and I ended up having a band concert that night; but Alex came to the concert and took me to dinner at Perkins {our high school cheap date place}.

Now that we don't have the convenience of living in the same city, we have taken up the tradition of a Valentine's Day email. It doesn't sound very romantic but it sure is fun, while Alex usually goes the more romantic route, I opt for sending him an email filled with the silliest valentines I can find around the internet - I guess we both know the way to each other's heart ;) 

What are your favorite Valentine's Day traditions and memories?

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