Friday, February 1, 2013

What Do You Love?

I am so excited to have another Month of Love! So we're starting it off with a pretty general topic : what do you love? I have a pretty weird list of things I love...

Blankets seem like kind of an old ladyish thing to love, but I don't care because deep down in all of us there's a Betty White version of ourselves that loves piling tons of blankets on. And you all know it. And you all love it as much as I do. 

Only Alexa Chung could make taking a bath look so model-esque and perfect. Perhaps that's because she is model-esque and perfect...but that's a whole other soap box to get on. Speaking of soap boxes, bubble baths one of the most relaxing things, they warm you up, make you smell amazing, and are a great way to end both good and bad days! Some people are disgusted by them because they think they are just sitting in a pool of their own filth - if your'e that filthy then you should be worrying about other things. 

Chocolate is my go to snack, I love it! But deep down when it comes to ice cream I've secretly been having an affair with strawberry (gasp) - I know, I'm an ice cream slut. But there is something so exciting about fresh strawberries and frozen dairy. 

What do you love these days?

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