Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stained Glass Project

we've been studying proportion systems in my interior design class recently, you know, math stuff like the golden mean, fibonacci sequence...pretty much just making sure stuff looks pleasing. we're doing a logo design as well as stained glass - which i love. the design has to be inspired by frank lloyd wright's stained glass designs, so it has a lot of rectangular forms and geometric sequences. 

i've been really interested in what color scheme i'm going to use, so i've been looking around pinterest for some stained glass color combo ideas. the glass house above is gorgeous, just like the wall of windows - i love the way the light floods through them!

i've been using this color scheme website to find some good combos - i want to make a big impact but also be soothing when light flood in. 

these are the two i'm leaning towards...pretty similar but still just different enough - i think i might end up going with the second. what do you think?

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