Tuesday, February 19, 2013

investigations | a modern girl's sitting room

It's been a while since we've had an investigations post {thank you valentine season}. This week we're looking at the modern girls version of a sitting room. Sitting room sounds so uptight, like parlor room, or museum. This living room is very girly {which is right up my alley} but it has a simple, sleek, and graphic quality that gives this room that combination of romance and sophistication - let's break it down: 

Large Scale Artwork: It seems every living room I look at recently has had 'collections' or artwork walls. You know what I'm talking about; a wall filled with tons of different sizes and types of artwork {either in a grid or randomized pattern} but this room is reminiscent of a classic sitting room by using one large painting. It's classic and makes a simple statement. 

Colorful Furniture: Remember your grandma's living room? If it was anything like my grandmother's it consisted of one color {dusty blue} for every single piece of furniture - the chair, rug, couch, etc. Keep it young and fresh by mixing it up - be it different hues, textures, patterns or all three! This room uses the same fabric {velvet} in different hues and saturations - which keeps the room feeling luxurious, classic, and romantic. You can always use mis-matched textures, just make sure it's not too much. 

Graphic Rug: Since the furniture is the same material there needed to be something to jazz it up, so this graphic rug adds both texture and pattern. It ties in perfectly with the armchair by using navy blue {which is a perfect 'color' neutral}. 

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