Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CREATE: Bridal Shower Party Favor Rings

Sarah, my mom, and I just hosted a bridal shower for one of our best friends - and while we had the majority of it planned to a T, we realized we didn't have any party favors. Becca is a candy fiend, so we decided to make everyone their own 'candy engagement rings'. They're easy to put together and are a pretty treats to display and hand out! 

All you need is a bag of ring pops {we decided to go with all strawberry, but you could choose a variety}, small confection bags, and ribbon to tie them off. 

Unwrap the ring pops from their original packaging, place in individual clear bags, and tie off with curled colored ribbon. We used lavender to match the colors of the wedding. And there you have it - dazzling candy rings that you can wear {and enjoy} all day! 

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