Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Afternoon Date

I'm terrible at making plans - when someone {especially Alex} tells me to figure out what we're doing for a date or just any day in general I freeze. Well it turns out that living in Minneapolis has taught me how to make plans, and good ones at that. Alex is coming for the weekend and I've got the perfect date...

An afternoon date! Dinner dates can end up feeling really fancy, so I like to keep it casual by going during the day. There's a great neighborhood in Minneapolis that's really artsy and full of amazing spots to eat. Start the day by hitting up a new coffee shop {or stick your tried and true favorite}. Next stop: the museum. Museums are great places to spend a day, they're quite, full of stuff to look at, and are still intimate - my favorite is the MIA. After gazing at artwork grab lunch at a nearby cafe and finish with a sweet dessert! 

image via thesartorialist

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