Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Day at the Museum

As an art history minor naturally I have developed a love of art, but I've always enjoyed wandering around museums. Luckily for me, Minneapolis is filled with amazing art museums, my favorite being the MIA {Minneapolis Institute for the Arts}. The other day I headed over for a quick stop at the MIA to view the museum's private collection of prints {otherwise known as the art work that is too sensitive to light to put on public display} - my favorite was the print below by James Gillray {it's hand colored}. I got done a little earlier than expected so I ran around the museum like a maniac to quick take a peek at all my favorite exhibits {did you know the MIA is 1 of 4 museums to house a Doryphoros?} After enjoying some art, a friend and I stopped at Spyhouse Coffee, an amazing coffee shop, my lavender honey mocha was easily the best coffee I've had in a while. 

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