Monday, January 7, 2013

Practicing Patience

New Year's Resolutions are rarely my cup of tea; the idea of setting myself up for inevitable disaster is very unappealing. However this year I made a few simple ones - but one to top them all. Patience. 

I'm not the most calm, or restrained. I get worked up about everything, I worry, and I get annoyed by the most simple of things. Alex of all people knows this. In fact, I'm the most impatient with him - which is not a very good thing. Over the years I've noticed that I've gotten more and more impatient, and that pushes people away from me - making them annoyed, angry, or upset.

When you ask couples that have been married 60 years, almost all of them will say it's because of  patience. Learning how to take a step back, think, and let go of the control is a very 'adult' idea - and one I need to practice. Much like worrying, impatience can be very overwhelming. 

Are you impatient? How do you practice patience?

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