Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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I don't know about you, but I sure do love a well styled kitchen - especially when it's so 'couple' friendly. Designing for the sexes can be a nightmare - men want dark colors, lots of wood, and anything super moody, cuz their masculine....right... and women want something shiny, bright, clean, and have little pops of color to show their eclectic feminine side.

So here's a kitchen that's right in the middle - finally. 

Texture, pattern, finish: For a mostly all white room, it's quite important to bring in some interest through surfaces - you know, the tile, rugs, finishes, patterns, etc. In this kitchen the cooking area {or preparation} is defined and visually separated from the entertaining or eating area by covering the walls in a stone back splash that continues up to the ceiling. The wood table has a very strong grain and depth which can add a lot of character to a room, and is a great manly piece for him {be careful though, some grains and stains can end up being overpowering if there is already a lot going on}. Finally, the copper globe lighting add a sassy finish that is just perfect for her - it's super interesting, acts as art, and makes the room feel modern and young. 

Clean Lines: Worried about your room looking too girly or end up being more trendy than timeless? The answer is simple: clean lines! Keep the room unified through straight smooth lines for the larger pieces {i.e. table, counters, cabinets, etc.} - this way the eye doesn't get distracted by extreme visual movement. Instead, use lighting, artwork, and table decor to add roundness and appeal. 

Form and Function: What a cool table you might say - but oh, wait, it's also a bar....and a counter....and working station....and an entertaining buffet....it's everything! While some homes might be better suited for a smaller and more mobile table, this open floor plan allows this large installment to work in a bevy of ways! It's great for extra work space when cooking, can be used as a casual bar area, is functional for large get togethers, and is the perfect serving station for large parties.

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