Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Obviously I don't have kids of my own - but that doesn't mean I don't love those little things! And when it comes to their style, man they've got it good. Flowers, stripes, polka dots, and all those bright fun colors - only a human under the age of 10 can pull of that much crazy. For adults, it can be hard to decorate their kid's bedrooms - it's hard to think like a parent {safety, cleaning, durability} but be able to please the kids {fun, color, playfulness}. So here's a cheat sheet for designing the parental approved and kid friendly room. 

Pattern: Go wild with pattern....and color...and texture...and, well, everything! Kids love {and need} visual and tactile stimulation. Giving them an atmosphere that's full of creativity will spark their imagination and individuality. Plus, being able to go crazy with this is a pretty rare chance. 

The Dark and the Durable: While this may make for a very dramatic and interesting Soap Opera title we'll stick with carpet for now. Having carpeting or rugs in a children's area is a great concept - it's soft for when they're tumbling around, it feels good on little feet, and is safer than hard flooring. But what about that habit of 'spilling' that these kids are so fond of doing. Well it's simple. Pick a carpet that is a dark color and slightly variegated {to hide hard to remove stains}, is neutral {again, the stains}, and has a low pile {easy to clean, vacuum, and keep sanitary}. 

The Art Display: Kids are secret geniuses that are trying to take over the world with their super-human diapers and chubby faces. Okay, not really. But their artwork is truly brilliant and is something you should be proud of! Plus, displaying their work will show them you're proud, will instill a sense of worth and talent, and may even drive their passion for it. 

Hope this helps! 

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