Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bold Blush: Do or don't?

I love the way your cheeks are perfectly pinched with pink after coming in from a chilly day - I just wish I could get that look without going outside! I generally don't wear much makeup, but when I'm in a particularly girly mood I grab my favorite blush and give my cheeks a little pop of color. When I know I'm going to have a busy day I opt for a cream blush or stain, that way it will stay all day and still look natural. However, cream blush can sometimes be hard to apply when in a time crunch - so when I want a sheer splash of rosiness I prefer a powder blush with some shimmer {it's a built in highlight}. Just make sure when you apply the cream blush you've moisturized well, and when using powder use the biggest fluffiest brush you can find {natural fibers are better}. 

image via here


  1. love it!! if you keep the rest really simple it looks amazing :) xx

  2. I think I'm addicted to blush...a definite DO for me!