Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weekend in Short - Snowed In

{Early Morning Bus Ride}

{Mock Up of Yoga Studio}

{The Sweetest Tree Topper}

{The Combination of Autumn and Winter}

Well happy Monday everyone! I apologize for this being so extremely late in the day but the midwest got a whole lotta snow this weekend....think 15 inches! I left Friday afternoon and headed up to Duluth, MN to visit Alex where we spent the weekend enjoying the cold weather, our favorite tv shows, and his choir concert. I was scheduled to leave on Sunday but due to terrible weather my bus was canceled and was snowed in. So lucky me, I got to spend an entire extra day with him :) This week coming up is super busy; it's the last week of classes before finals {but that means I'm just 'this' much closer to Winter Break!}

Hoping you all had a safe and fun weekend! Stay warm!

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