Tuesday, December 11, 2012

investigations | the emerald entry

We're back with a new 'investigations'! Sorry about those few weeks off...what a whirlwind the last few weeks of the year are! Today we're looking at a {festive} and gorgeous entry way that is perfectly mismatched. Here are the secrets to why {and how} this craziness works:

1. Patterned Wallpaper: When working with wall paper, make sure you pick a pattern that 'fits' in the space. A small entry like this would look really overwhelming with huge scale wall paper and lots of colors - with little natural light and narrow halls, a stark achromatic pattern that's simple {like polka dots} works perfectly. It's clean, it's appropriate for the space, and it's versatile over time. 

2. Pops of Color AND Monochromatic Color Scheme: An overall monochromatic or even achromatic color scheme is always a great idea....at least for the 'base' of the room. With white wood work, a white and black wall paper, and neutral rugs, the room is pretty versatile and can be adjusted over time by switching out the smaller things. A super bright runner, lamp, and other accents make the room pop and feel lived in. Making those statements the same color {or part of the same color family} in a small room will make it look more cohesive and less jumbled. 

3. Mismatched Rugs: Using multiple rugs on the floor can help direct traffic flow, allow for a more relaxed vibe, and just look cool! Just make sure when using mismatched rugs that they follow either: a) a similar color scheme or b) a similar element {pattern, vibe, texture}. 

What do you like about this entry way? What would you change? Would you ever use a bold color in such an important room?

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