Monday, December 24, 2012

What to Wear...Christmas Day

Wondering what to wear on Christmas day? Easy. Something cozy. My go to outfit is something that looks stylish, simple, and like you just threw it together. I love to go for a warm sweater, a worn in pair of boyfriend jeans, a fabulous coat, and a knit hat to top it all off!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Fondness - Have a Chilly Weekend

Happy Christmas Weekend everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful and warm holiday weekend with your family and friends. I'm heading over to see my 97 year old grandma tomorrow. Sunday will be a big big baking day to get ready for the next few days. Let's hope I can get all the things on my checklist done ;) 

 Sending you lots of love and good wishes! Have a very merry Christmas!

A Moment to Reflect

It's been a week. A week since 26 beautiful lives were taken, since families have been changed forever, and since the innocence of children has been striped away. 

A week ago the media, as well as almost every citizen, focused all of its attention and devotion to the tragedy and horror of the Sandy Hook shooting. Debates about gun violence began, relief programs started up, and a collective desire to end this continuing horror was at the forefront of all of our thoughts. But it seems that even in a week, we've drifted away, let go of the sadness, and have forgotten about those wonderful children and their mourning families. 

As the days after this tragedy go by, let's all take a moment of silence for the losses of many families, and be extremely thankful for our own.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day or Snow Nay?

Yesterday was my first full day back in Eau Claire for an entire month! Sarah and I spent the day wrapping presents and shopping for stocking stuffers {which took much more toil and trouble than expected}. Last night we got hit with a TON of snow. I personally love snow {and lots of it} but there are a lot of people {even who live in the midwest} that can't stand it! Shock! I usually am not driving or shoveling, or really doing anything 'in' the snow, so when the snow comes, I'm usually cooped up inside with a great book, a movie, and a warm cup of cocoa. 

Do you like or hate snow? Do you even get snow where you live? What's your favorite snow day activity?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ingenious Tables

I've started house hunting for next {school} year - which means i've already gone into total decorating mode. I've gone Pinterest crazy obviously and most importantly I've started hunting for beautiful and functional furniture. Of course I looked at Ikea, where furniture is elegant, user friendly, and especially college budget friendly. I found these side tables that have built in bowls/potters that can be used for small indoor plants, snacks for entertaining, or office supplies. They also have a wire shelf underneath for easy magazine storage. I'm pretty sure we'll be investing in one or two of these. Great for working from the couch, eating a lazy dinner during a movie, and entertaining at the last minute {when all the dishes are dirty...}

What do you think of these tables? Would you use them in your home?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let Break Begin!

Today I finish my third semester of college! While yes, you may all be thinking "good for her, only five more left!" I have to admit that I actually have seven more left...oh well! After an extremely tasking and busy first semester of my interior design program I am definitely looking forward to a month at home just relaxing and eating wonderful food! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Fondness - Colorful Emotions

How cool are these pencils? Rather than using the traditional 'Crayola' names such as 'tickled pink' or 'grass green' these colored pencils' names are associated with the emotion they instill. I think I'd use Glamorous, Moody, and Passionate. 

What colored pencils would you most often use?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tweet Tweet

Guess what Office fans? A little bird told me that our main man John Krasinski {finally} got a twitter! Go ahead, follow him. You know you want to....

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

investigations | the emerald entry

We're back with a new 'investigations'! Sorry about those few weeks off...what a whirlwind the last few weeks of the year are! Today we're looking at a {festive} and gorgeous entry way that is perfectly mismatched. Here are the secrets to why {and how} this craziness works:

1. Patterned Wallpaper: When working with wall paper, make sure you pick a pattern that 'fits' in the space. A small entry like this would look really overwhelming with huge scale wall paper and lots of colors - with little natural light and narrow halls, a stark achromatic pattern that's simple {like polka dots} works perfectly. It's clean, it's appropriate for the space, and it's versatile over time. 

2. Pops of Color AND Monochromatic Color Scheme: An overall monochromatic or even achromatic color scheme is always a great least for the 'base' of the room. With white wood work, a white and black wall paper, and neutral rugs, the room is pretty versatile and can be adjusted over time by switching out the smaller things. A super bright runner, lamp, and other accents make the room pop and feel lived in. Making those statements the same color {or part of the same color family} in a small room will make it look more cohesive and less jumbled. 

3. Mismatched Rugs: Using multiple rugs on the floor can help direct traffic flow, allow for a more relaxed vibe, and just look cool! Just make sure when using mismatched rugs that they follow either: a) a similar color scheme or b) a similar element {pattern, vibe, texture}. 

What do you like about this entry way? What would you change? Would you ever use a bold color in such an important room?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weekend in Short - Snowed In

{Early Morning Bus Ride}

{Mock Up of Yoga Studio}

{The Sweetest Tree Topper}

{The Combination of Autumn and Winter}

Well happy Monday everyone! I apologize for this being so extremely late in the day but the midwest got a whole lotta snow this weekend....think 15 inches! I left Friday afternoon and headed up to Duluth, MN to visit Alex where we spent the weekend enjoying the cold weather, our favorite tv shows, and his choir concert. I was scheduled to leave on Sunday but due to terrible weather my bus was canceled and was snowed in. So lucky me, I got to spend an entire extra day with him :) This week coming up is super busy; it's the last week of classes before finals {but that means I'm just 'this' much closer to Winter Break!}

Hoping you all had a safe and fun weekend! Stay warm!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gifts For Her Under $25

Woah, I didn't realize until now that I chose all pink items! I guess it's okay though since it's a 'gift guide for her'. Sometimes finding really great gifts that aren't expensive is a nightmare; especially when you want to get your best girl friend something she'll love; that's why I stick to some 'essentials'. Cute socks are always fun to get and wear, so pick up a pair or two to make her feel spunky! iPhone cases are the ultimate accessories since they can be changed so easily and they make great stocking stuffers! Being a girl requires two things: awesome nail polish and make up bag to keep it all in; that's why I love this Essie nail polish and candy striped make up bag! Baggu has super cute bags that fold up super small and can be reused - they're great for grocery shopping and other quick trips. Last but not least a dainty ring that goes with every outfit is a nice touch and will make her feel feminine and pretty!

{Socks / iPhone Case / Essie Nail Polish / Make Up Bag / Baggu / Ring}

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Weekend in Short - A Mini Adventure

{The beautiful mess of paint mixing}

{Decadent Chocolate Tuxedo Cheesecake}

{Gorgeous Chandelier in Hotel Lobby}

{Best breakfast joint around}

Last week I mentioned that I was going to go on a 'mini vacation' in my own city. Well over the weekend my parents came to visit; they picked us up we spent the day shopping at America's first ever enclosed shopping mall, Southdale (in Minnesota) - don't worry though, even though it's the first it's not old...I'm almost ashamed how much new clothing I bought this weekend! Sarah had a holiday choir concert which was filled with beautiful Christmas carols and sing a longs {my favorite}. Since no vacation is complete without a marvelous hotel, we decided to stay in the heart of the city at the Hilton Hotel where we enjoyed being waited on and lounging around. Sunday we finished the weekend with breakfast at The Egg and I, one of the best breakfast restaurants in the Twin Cities area! It was such a fun time being able to vacation at home - I highly recommend it!

Hoping you all have a fabulous week ahead!