Tuesday, November 20, 2012

investigations | thanksgiving dinner details

Thanksgiving dinner will be in just two days! Can you believe it? I can't wait! I may not host Thanksgiving dinners, but I know how hard it can be to not only prepare a meal, but a beautiful home too. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas so close together, I don't like having to redecorate every 25 days, so I stick with something that is multi-seasonal. I've said before it's all about the little details that really pull everything together; just like these pumpkins. Cute, right? Well here's how you can get this same simple {but beautiful} effect in your own home:

1. How can you keep up with three holidays in two months? White pumpkins. They're a neutral color that look both autumnal and wintry. Don't worry about having 'real' pumpkins, maintaining vegetation for that long can be expensive, so just go and buy some artificial ones instead. The white allows it to be multi-seasonal and holiday appropriate. 

2. An organic arrangement: simple yes? Wrong. Making an arrangement look like you just threw it together is difficult. Sure, you could just throw them in a random bowl and leave them, but then it will look terrible and your guests with scoff and leave. Okay maybe not that extreme; but still. Make sure you have 'highs and lows' - aka, don't keep it linear. Even if it's in a bowl or a platter, keep the elevations different and make some areas 'heavier' than others. This will appear to the 'normal' person as a natural simple display {when really it took you an hour to get it just right}

3. Natural finishes. Since you'll have food, candles, flowers, and lots of people walking around, keep the final finishes natural. Especially since it's autumn, use twig or branch like structures to 'bring the outdoors in' {as normally opposed to that as I am.} 

There you have it! It's simple. Keep it clean, natural, and neutral and everything will fall into place. Now go out and buy some fake pumpkins!

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