Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gifts For Your Simple But Picky Dad

I've always thought that guys are difficult to shop for, especially dads. I'm not sure what it is, but nothing ever really jumps out at me saying 'get me! he'll love it and use it every day!' so I've learned to stick to the simple basics; something he needs in a more styled approach than he'd usually go for. Most dads have the same wallet for years, you know the ones where the velcro doesn't stick anymore? Give him a wallet he'd be proud to pull out {and you wouldn't be ashamed of}. Or how about a watch that's universally awesome? It can be worn at the office or just out for Saturday brunch...oh and maybe a cool phone case to go along with it. I've learned that guys use what's ever around, even women's instead of having dad smell like a flower get him this awesome soap so he smells like a real man! {p.s. this soap was originally sold at Berkley, CA farmer markets}. Last but not least a few final a new wool tie {soon to be his favorite} and some rugged boot laces.


  1. Those are good classic staple gifts for guys. If you are looking something more personalized then check out It generates personalized gift recommendations based off of Facebook profile information. My Dad uses FB regularly these days so it works great for him but even if he didn't there is still customization options to recommend gifts as well.

  2. Great ideas. I feel like dads are always the hardest to buy for because they never tell you what they want so you have to get creative.

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