Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Fondness - A Mini Vacation

Have you ever just needed a break but you knew  you didn't have the time (or money) to travel somewhere exotic? That happens to me a lot, so I've started having 'mini vacations' in my own city! It's actually really fun! You can do all those touristy things (that you've always secretly wanted to do) without feeling like an idiot. This weekend my parents are joining me; we're going to do the coveted 'Christmas shopping at the Mall of America' - which for us is no big deal, but people literally travel across the country to do this.... We're staying at a hotel over night - and no work allowed! 

Hoping you all have a mini vacation of your own this weekend!


  1. Ooh, sounds fun! I've gone out in San Antonio doing touristy things like the Riverwalk, but my husband and I really need to stay overnight again downtown. It'll probably feel like a world away. :) Let us know how your mini vacation goes!